Success is defined by many in so many ways. Many people define it by what the have yet to attain or by what others have attained. In the pursuit of success, we often prostitute ourselves to many things we would eventually live to regret. We run miles down one street only to find we are completely lost.

The click is obvious the pursuit of success defined by wealth, will often leave people unhappy even if they achieve that wealth, they have had to do things or sacrifice relationships to do it.

So in this crazy world, how do we reach success?

A personal definition of success is critical to finding it, much like identifying the place you wish to travel to is necessary before the journey begins. If we don’t know where we are going, we won’t know when we get there, let alone how to get there and if we should even be trying to get there or not.

Every goal has a cost. You may want to win an Olympic medal, well there is a cost, and it’s more than just training pains. You will not lead a normal social life, you can’t do what others do. If you want to become a CEO of a major company, there is a cost you may have the title and big house, but you may have trouble at home given all your hours in the office. Essential to everyone who endeavors to do something is counting the cost. Whether you build a house or plan a picnic it is critical to know what it will take.

Once you have defined your goal and have accepted the benefits and costs of such a goal, you are now ready to start. But before you rush off are you sure you have the right goal. I know you have a goal, but is it right? Does it cost you too much? Is success at any cost your mantra? What if that cost was the lives of your kids, your conscience, your integrity? What are your core values that you cannot compromise? We all have them, and we need to know what they are.

If your goal is to make say $1000 in 24hrs. Success would be having $1000 cash in your pocket this time tomorrow. Well, you could simply rob a convenience store or two at gunpoint reach your goal, but would you consider yourself successful? Depends on if those armed robberies compromise some core values I hope they would!

Your values and your potential will determine what is possible for you. Success would be maximizing that potential in such a manner that inspires generations to come. As you consider Internet Marketing it’s important you think about what is important to you and how you can accomplish your goals without compromise.

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